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    Adam Marshall

    Adam Marshall is the producer & label-head of New Kanada records. Born and raised in Toronto, and now based in Berlin, Marshall has been active as a producer, DJ, promoter and label head for 10 years. Marshall has long been a top-notch producer, but the past few years have seen his work getting more inspired, more experimental and more confident in its ...

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    Masayoshi Fujita

    Masayoshi Fujita aka El Fog is a vibraphonist and composer based in Berlin. Being influenced by classic, jazz and many other kinds of music, but not following ordinary vibraphone play style and theory of composition, Masayoshi seeks his own sound of vibraphone, and new possibility of it. He also makes unique and beautiful sounds using bows (for string instruments),  strings of beads and ...

    On 20. July 2010 / By
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    Basic Soul Unit

    Hong Kong born and raised in Canada, Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit has been steadily making his mark in underground electronic music circles since his first release in 2003. Reflecting his diverse interest in music, Stuart’s house & techno productions can swing from lush and soulful to crunchy and jacking . He has released and remixed music on respected labels. The ...

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    Myele from Electric Wire Hustle

    With their debut self-titled album Electric Wire Hustle achieved cult status. A number one song on Hype Machine, five-star reviews from the likes of Okayplayer, and BBC Radio support from Gilles Peterson and Benji B secured them unwavering support internationally. A flood of production requests followed their first release, the fruits of which we will see in 2013, along with their heavily anticipated ...

    On 5. July 2010 / By
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    Suff Daddy „The Gin Diaries“

    „Suff“ means „drinking heavy“ in German and his favourite drinks are Pilsetten and Tanqueray. Suff Daddy grew up in Düsseldorf (the city of Kraftwerk), listening to the 90ies hip-hop-collection of his older brother. His favourite group back than were Tha Alkaholics. He caught the beatbug after he moved to Berlin a couple of years ago, inspired by Quasimoto and Jaylib. Suff Daddy started ...

    On 30. June 2010 / By
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    Globetrotting producer Onra has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers of the past few years, thanks to releases like his Chinoseries collections (made from scratch with samples found while traveling Asia) and the acclaimed Long Distance LP. With his first release for Fool’s Gold, the Deep In The Night EP, Onra continues to chart new musical territory. The EP’s ...

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    Zach  records under the name Shigeto. It’s his middle name; it’s also his grand father’s name, a tribute to the Japanese branch of Zach’s family tree. Shigeto also means “to grow bigger”—appropriate, given Zach’s premature birth-weight of less than a pound. Today, Shigeto stand s for Zach’s vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat-driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but ...

    On 25. June 2010 / By
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    The Los Angeles-based electronic-music Don known as Kraddy has always brought the undiluted sound of the underground to new  audiences. From his work as a founding member of the infamous Glitch Mob to his solo work, Kraddy (born Matthew Kratz) has always been known for shattering genre conventions while moving crowds everywhere from Red Rocks to L.A.’s famed Low End Theory club. ...

    On 23. June 2010 / By
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    Rucyl & King Britt aka Saturn Never Sleeps

    Saturn Never Sleeps came about when music producer King Britt and singer​/artist Rucyl collar​orated in 2009 for two improvisatio​nal perfor​mances specif​ically dedicated to the music and sound of fellow Philad​elphian Sun-Ra. Carrying on in the tradition of Sun Ra’s vision of process as art, they decided to continue their project, which led to a year of amazing opport​unitie​s. The duo has been inspired ...

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    Dr Strangeloop

    David Wexler aka Dr. Strangeloop is an artist and graphics designer. Best known for his work designing and performing live-visual shows for musicians like Flying Lotus, Skrillex, and Erykah Badu, Wexler is the grand son of Academy Award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler, and the son of Academy Award winning sound-mixer Jeff Wexler. David’s short films have been selections at the Telluride Film ...

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    Global Goon

    Global Goon’s Jonathan Hawk earned a recording contract with Rephlex Records before moving to London and being Richard D. James’ (aka Aphex Twin)’s housemate. He had been making electronic music using SoundEdit 16 while supporting himself with various programming jobs. After moving into a shared house with James,  Tom Jenkinson,  Chris Jeffs and  Grant Wilson-Claridge, he released his first album Goon on Rephlex in 1996. Rumours that Goon actually was ...

    On 28. May 2010 / By
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    Barry Burns from Mogwai

    Barry Burns is a Scottish musician  best known for his work with Mogwai. Mogwai is a Scottish post-rock band , formed in 1995 in Glasgow. The band consists of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals),  John Cummings (guitar, vocals),  Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals),  Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and  Martin Bulloch (drums). The band typically composes lengthy guitar-based instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast, melodic bass guitar lines, and heavy use of distortion and  effects. Burns ...

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    Dieter Möbius

    Dieter Moebius is a German/Swiss experimental/krautrock/ambient/electronic musician. Moebius studied art in Brussels and  Berlin and met there Hans-Joachim Roedelius and  Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream). They founded a band  Kluster in 1969. After the departure of Schnitzler, they changed their name to Cluster. Later Moebius and Roedelius founded the band  Harmonia with Michael Rother (Neu!), which also collaborated with Brian Eno. Dieter Moebius was involved into numerous projects with such musicians as Conny Plank,  Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru). Moebius toured with Michael Rother as Rother & Moebius in ...

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    James Lavelle from Unkle

    Everything James Lavelle has created and initiated has been driven by the same irrepressible sense of curiosity and an incor ruptible willingness to take risks. The music released today under the banner of UNKLE is very different from early UNKLE records. The spirit is the same. Unkle are a British musical outfit founded in 1994 by school friends James Lavelle and  Tim Goldsworthy. Originally categorised ...

    On 12. May 2010 / By
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    Midori Hirano

    MimiCof a.k.a. midori hirano is a Japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer, born in Kyoto and now based in Ber lin, stems across a diverse range of genres and cultures. Her productions are based around the use of traditional instrumentation such as the piano or strings, but yet her works are so diverse and eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with ...

    On 11. May 2010 / By