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    James Fox

    James Fox is a producer and DJ currently based in Bristol, UK. His early 12″s on the likes of TAKE Records and Well Rounded  Housing Project combined the jack and groove of deep house with the bass pressure of the UK underground and in doing so found their way into the boxes of respected DJs and selectors across several genres. Follow up releases ...

    On 28. March 2010 / By
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    Jason Forrest

    Jason Forrest is an electronic music producer known for noisy experimental electronica and breakcore incorporating many idea s of mash-up and rock and roll. Largely produced and performed on a single computer (including live shows), his songs tend to be constructed from digital samples of found sounds and other artists’ music. Until 2004 he recorded under the name Donna Summer, an allusion ...

    On 5. February 2010 / By
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    Michaela Schwentner aka. Jade is a conceptual media artist mainly working with film, video and sound. She is the director of Mosz Records. Her work has an experimental approach – she tries to find new ways of storytelling and of the reception of sound (by visualising it). Under the moniker Jade she has been working on audio-visual performances both solo and with musicians/sound ...

    On 2. February 2010 / By
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    Vitor Joaquim

    Vitor Joaquim, laptop experimentalist, sound and visual artist, graduated in sound and film directing. He started performing  improvised music and get involved in experimental art by the mid 80’s. Since then, he has created extensively for dance, theater, video, installations and cross media platforms. Until now, he has five solo releases, several collaborations and a long list of participation’s in compilations and ...

    On 28. January 2010 / By
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    Christ. is a Scottish solo electronic music artist. His music has been notable due to the melancholic nature of his sound and lush soundscapes he uses in them. There is no religious meaning in his name; rather, it is an abbreviation of his real name, Christopher Horne. Christ.’s music is often likened to that of fellow Scottish electronic group Boards of Canada.  In ...

    On 26. January 2010 / By
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    Felix Kubin

    Felix Kubin lives and works against the gravity with Sci-Fi pop, noise, animation films, radio plays (Hörspiele) and experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label “Gagarin Records” in 1998 and rules the “syndicate of counter-noise” since 9.9.1999. Felix Kubin is one of electronic music’s most dynamic and versatile performers. A lovechild of the home recording era, his activities ...

    On 14. January 2010 / By
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    Thomas Bücker aka. Jean-Michel

    Thomas Bücker is somehow a mysterious composer. He first discovered techno as a youngster, but when he starts producing in the early 2000′s under the curious name of Jean-Michel (maybe referring to Jean-Michel Jarre?) he releases IDM albums, Warp-like abstract pieces of music which will become more and more cinematic over the years. Having founded his own agency, eins_a, as a sound-visual engineer, the Jean ...

    On 4. January 2010 / By
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    Araya is the work of the Inverness born electronica producer Keir MacCulloch. Signed to famed Scottish alternative music label Benbecula Records, Araya has been a “notable force in the Scottish electronic music scene.” Both his sell out releases on Benbecula (The Bridge of Hesitation and Whilst We Try EP) have enabled Araya play gigs and festivals all over the country as well ...

    On 22. December 2009 / By